Posted by: Yseult | July 15, 2008

Turning on the mic… or better the keyboard

Welcome to everyone out there having found their way to the first post of this new blog.

The idea is rather simple: what happens if you take two professional philosophers that are believers and followers of the Catholic Faith? Some might expect a violation of their work ethics – yes, the new militant atheist movement -, some would hope for a loss of faith or even trust in God – yes, the FSSPX.

After being married over a year to a devout Catholic and having rediscovered my own strength in my faith, I can truly say that neither is the truth.

Yes, as philosophers and professionals we do compartimentalise a lot. We are forced to look at a ‘hot’ topic from an objective point of view, chew it over and over again, analyse it for what it really is and not what our emotions tell us etc. It is our job and it is our role in society.
But once the books are closed and the articles written, the true discussions, the true track back to what we as Catholics think and how we personally put ourselves towards a particular problem such as abortion, stem cell research et al. is a completely different topic.

And while it is true that ideally we should bring the two together, J and I have one without the other chosen another path: Medieval Philosophy. Before we knew each other, we both delved into the immense depths that are the sources of our faith, the backbone of Tradition. And in contributing to editing texts, studying them, we both contribute also to the knowledge of said tradition.

I have been writing a life/philosophy blog for years now, but since it is accessible to my peers, I usually keep my faith and my religion out of it. Simply because we live in difficult times and I cannot fight people head on if they take me for a lunatic (again read: the Dawkins followers). So why not finally satisfy that other side and write about how we really manage in our everday life, my husband J and I, to live both sides: philosophy and Catholic faith.

It will be a journey, it will probably be interesting, most probably painful in certain areas, but as far as testimonies go, this one is as honest as they get.


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